Day 18: Putting on Christ

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As believers, we get to live as sons and daughters of the Most High King. We get to wake up every morning with a peace that passes all understanding, a faith that can move mountains, a love that conquers all fear, and a hope that shapes our future. We are free.

We are free to live apart from burdens. We are free to live apart from sin. We are simply free to live. But let us not forget that freedom came with a price. Christ gave His life for us. In return, we are called to give our lives to Him. If we take our freedom for granted in the way we live, are we really free? Or, have we tied ourselves back to the bondage of this world?

“For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.” —Galatians 3:27 (NKJV)

The thought of walking with Christ is something for which we should marvel. And we get to! We get to make the choice every day to live with Him and for Him. However, we know that God’s path for us is not always the one we want. I cannot help but to think of the comic with a child holding a small teddy bear. Jesus is asking her to give it up, but she wants to hold on to it. What she can’t see, though, is that Jesus is holding a huge teddy bear behind His back, waiting for her to make the trade: to give up her small bear for His greater one. Our small desires for His greater ones.

God wants nothing more than to give us what is eternally better for us, which is also best for His Kingdom.

When we trade in our desires for His, we can really experience the freedom He has given us. Let us find a quiet place today and take some time to pray that we may learn to put on Christ and walk daily with His desires in mind.

Written by Kristen Styer, Biblical Studies and Preaching Major

Author: Point University Communications Office

Founded in 1937, Point University is a private, four-year liberal arts institution that educates students to influence culture for Christ in all spheres of life. The Communications Office coordinates all marketing, branding and public relations efforts for Point University. Our office works to build the overall brand of the University and helps its departments and programs acheive their specific communication goals.

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